Call for donations

Dear Members of the AIDOBB,

Dear Friends,

The first years of life of our Association (founded in 2012 after the Congress of Dakar) were marked by intense activity, which you can find in our activity report.

These activities require a great effort in terms of organization and substantial financial resources. That’s why we need your help to support the life and activities of our association. You will be able to support training of Infant Observation in Africa and Senegal and the International Congress of Infant Observation in 2017 in Turin (Italy). Other new projects of our members are also waiting to be launched…

Support us with a donation, which you can deposit on our account either as individuals or as an association. Thank you to all the organizations and individuals sensitive to our cause for «the babies of the world» and the professionals working with them.

Thank you for your generosity,

Rosella Sandri, President

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