The main objective of AIDOBB is to promote the development of activities which have as infant development knowledge goal in his family and the prevention of early disorders of psychological development.
The association organizes educational and research activities to promote meetings between educators and early childhood professionals.

The fact to publicize this method can actively participate in the development of public health, greater promotion of early childhood professionals, greater attention to the developing baby and family issues. Ultimately this also brings more respect the rights of children and their families in different social contexts.

L'AIDOBB was created for the organization of scientific activities like International Congress on Observation of the baby (open to a wide audience of professionals) and the International Symposia trainers to observation of the baby ( intended only for trainers).



Training in infant observation also supports early childhood professionals working in a multicultural context to have greater openness and greater understanding of the different modes of relationship and care for babies.

This represents an essential basis for better contact and better communicate with different cultural groups in our societies, to go to meet the baby and his family with respects attitude to these cultural values.


Rosella Sandri, Présidente de l’AIDOBB